The main activities of the company are:

  • Oil sludge refining and utilization;
  • Cleaning up the environment from the pollution of the utmost gravity;
  • Soil and groundwater remediation.

The oil industry is inextricably connected with the negative impact on the natural resources. However, nowadays there are a lot of innovations and technological developments for minimizing this negative impact. Nevertheless, not all the enterprises can properly evaluate the level of environmental disruption, as well as the danger degree, caused by the oil sludge pollution. Our company develops and assists in cleaning up the environment, including the refining and utilization of the oil sludge and other types of waste. Realizing the importance of the issue, we are engaged in organization of the environment cleaning and the soil remediation projects.

Considering the scale of the pollution and its consequences, we do our best for the clear and high-efficient activity. Moreover, we strive to go to a completely different, new, innovative level. That is why we work with the resources, technologies and investors from Europe, which also may propose the innovative solutions in the sphere of oil refining, utilization and the soil remediation. Combining them together with the ideas of our experts, we can achieve the maximal results.

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